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Masters Students

(i) Charles Makuya : Assessment of Heavy Metals in Smal Pelagic Fish Species: A case of Stolephorus commersonii and Stolephorus indicus in Dar es Salaam Coast, Tanzania

(ii) Essau Ngongolowo : Assessment of fish consumption in dietary intake of school children in feeding program schools in Lindi Municipality

(iii) Livinus Renatus : Assessment of The Contribution of Small Fish to Food Security among the Coastal Communities of Pangani

(iv) Yusuph Lukio : A gendered assement of post-harvest loss of marine sardine for better prevention at Kipumbwi in Pangani district – Tanga

(v) Zulfa Uledi Mkumba : Assessment of the factors influencing gender inclusiveness in small-scale fisheries at Kilwa Kivinje

(vi) James Manyama : Assessment of discards status from the ring net fishery of Tanga region

(vii) Ali Khadija Masoud : Assessment of Gender Power Relation in the anchovy fishery value chain in Mkokotoni-Zanzibar

(viii) Denice Fredrick : Comparative analysis of fishery management legal instruments in Mainland Tanzania and Zanzibar: a case of anchovy in Sahare-Tanga and Mkokotoni-Unguja

(ix) Catherine Fridolin : Analysis of Actors and their Relationships in Small Scale Fisheries: Implications n Fisheries Management in Zanzibar

(x) Regina Clement : assessment of gendered responses to social-ecological stressors among fisheries dependent communities in Lindi

(xi) Arnold Shoko : Assessment of sustainability of Donor-Funded projects in small-scale fisheries in Mafia, Tanzania. A case study of MACEMP AND SWIOFISH

(xii) Floriana Florian Rutahindurwa : Deconstructing invisibility of the youth in small-scale fisheries management of Tanzania: A case of Bagamoyo District


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